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iCAT - DREW, need your assiatance.

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  • iCAT - DREW, need your assiatance.

    Thereis certainly alot of speculation with regards to the iCAT device as to whether or not it does or does not work. I would like to suggest the following:

    One of my buddies lives in the US and may be able to get the device under test or atleast at cost. If I can get it at cost, i will arrange.

    Alternatively, if OK with the DBW crew, I would like to suggest that I make contact with this organisation and mention that I am part of DMW and we would like to evaluate the product as we have a large pool of potential members (>2000) that would certainly jump at the chance of improving their bikes performance by as much as 5hp across the board.

    The fact that it is cheaper than a complete exhaust system and apprently improves power across the board, if it actually works, then I can see a large number of members purchasing it. SO, if OK with you, I will make contact and represent DBW.

    Awaiting your opinion(s)

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    Copy of proposed letter

    This is a copy of the proposed letter I intend submitting.

    Good evening.

    I am part of DBW, Dirtbike World, in Australia. We are a motorcycle forum with in excess of 2,000 members across the country. As part of the services we provide is evaluation of products in the motorcycling industry that include bikes and the associated performance and protective products available. In addition, possibly look at being the point of sale, reseller, for products that we are confident will service the members needs.

    As such, we would be interested in possibly evaluating one of the iCAT's on a number of bikes that range from: Yamaha, KTM and TM 2 and 4 stroke technologies. Obviously, we would undertake before and after Dyno runs and submit those back to yourself as further colateral on your product and even indorse the product if satisfied with it's performance enhancements. I assume there may be a need to purchase the product and subsequently either return the product if unsatisfied or on-sell-it to a satisfied member.

    I would like to understand your thoughts on this offer and determine the best way forward, if you are actually interested?

    Kindest regards

    Mitch Marescuk


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      sorry to tell ya

      Sorry to tell you Mitch but they have been approached
      and we are waiting on replyes from them ..

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        Did you use a similar format to the one I suggested? The reaosn I have used this format as this is the format I typically use for any product I need to evaluate.


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          Who are you sending it to, iCAT usa or the aussie importer, who is a member on this forum?


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            Just some info regarding trying to sus out the buying crowd.

            beleive me,

            800 people will say they want one.

            200 people will say there definates.

            100 people will say the cheques in the mail.

            and 6 people will actually buy them.

            Its a fact and i have seen it first hand though Dirtbikewolrd.

            Just something to keep in mind thats all.
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              Just too add.

              Not trying to shoot you down or anything Mitch, your enthusiasm is welcomed , BUT we have a backlog of reviews to get up and it was decided that until we get everything sorted it is unfair to the dealer and VERY unprofessional to take on more items to review until the backlog is cleared out.

              Thats where we are at now, but this should be sorted soon.

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              Too many toys... Not enough time to use them all!