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Vlog 1 of unassisted Simpson Crossing

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  • Vlog 1 of unassisted Simpson Crossing

    As this vlog progresses there are some interesting and well known DBWers who are going to participate.

    But at the moment it's just Philippe and I.
    The Inifinite Game (useful philosophy for dirtbike riders)
    All players are equal or can be made so.
    Boundaries are well observed by crossing them.
    Novelty is more fun than repetition.
    Rules are negotiable from moment to moment.
    Risk in pursuit of play is worth it.
    The best play is beautiful and elegant.
    The purpose for playing is to play, nothing more.

    KTM300EXC 12 & KTM690 R Rally Raid Adventure 12 KTM990 for a little while!

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    I'll be crossing , but later in 2014 in a 4wd. Good luck


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      As always, superb work there Black Dog, really looking forward to the updates. :grinning-

      Great to see Philippe again.
      '02 TL1000R.'04 450 EXC. '05 KX250F'16 200 EXC.

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