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Spot for peewees near ACT?

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  • Spot for peewees near ACT?

    Hi All,

    Anyone know anywhere near canberra that I can take my kids with a cpl of peewees to learn to ride? Ideally somewhere to camp as well would be awesome, neither have ridden before so nice easy flat track.


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    Nah; sadly I don't... My Nippers have well-grown 20yo.
    Find/make friends with a friend with acreage: Pay Beer.

    Or maybe pay via your other skills; whatever those maybe.
    Post a Gumtree ad; factor-in for an arse-poke in your tent.

    I'm told, I do-sometimes endure a particular Mental Illness whilst-out & about.
    That certain/particular illness entails me-having no-recollection of my identity.

    Edit: I do often view, although I'm not subscribed to, Reddit Canberra.
    Maybe post your question/dilemma there & see what answers you get.
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      Trying that, minus the arse poking... what about once they get better and i get around to getting myself a 250 again?


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        The good news is Kids on peewees are very cute, especially with lots of bright protective gear on. There must be a large park/grass area that not to many people use near you. I'm in the middle of Sydney and found that while they are still little,slow and cute, everyone just smiles with loving eyes.My boys rode on the disused bowling greens down at the RSL and everybody just thought they were so cute. Enjoy that while it lasts, because once they grow and want bigger bikes and start to race each other, suddenly those same people will look at your kids with utter hatred. And then it all gets hard. Look up Locmaree and Binacrombie, they are riding and camping properties a few hours from Canberra. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
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          Yadboro Flat is a state forest campground on the Western Distributor between Milton and the Kings Hwy out of Braidwood (closer to Milton). It is very quiet. Just keep the kids away from any other campers. I have seen fathers bring their bikes and kids down for just the activity you speak of. Never any trouble that I know of.
          Of course, travelling down from Canberra, you'd probably pass 200 spots just as suitable.
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            Larbert road is the place you are looking for, mate.
            It is just outside of Braidwood, on the Canberra side.
            Its a riding park of sorts, been over ten years since I was there last but I believe it still operates.
            Throw some cash to the property owners, sign an insurance thing and then you've got the place to ride around and camp on. A few MX tracks, lots of sand and some single track through the hills. Lots of flat ground to give the kids a go on.
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              Will check out yadboro and larbert, thanks for the tips, i have a small track near my house where they can learn the basics but keen to get them on some more open tracks soon.