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20150809 Felix does Webbs and Dingi FTs

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  • 20150809 Felix does Webbs and Dingi FTs

    On Sunday 9th August Baz rang and invited me to join him and Felix on a ride. I geared up and rode to the junction of Uriarra Rd and Mountain Creek Rd for our 2.00pm rendezvous. I got there first by about 5 minutes and chatted to another rider who had stopped there to take a phone call. He was riding a big matt black Victory Roadster (single tractor saddle). After chatting with him Baz and Felix arrived with their trailered DR Z250s. They quickly unloaded and geared up.

    Baz led us north on Mountain Creek Rd and had quickly outpaced Felix and I. Passing Horseshoe Rd we were led NW on Sawyers Gully Rd which was good fun with some sharp corner over crests to keep us alert. Felix and I caught up to Baz at Wee Jasper Rd. Felix was feeling the chill and was setting his own comfortable pace.

    We then headed SW and took to Doctors Flat Rd to the SE. Baz had one scare with a wayward wallaby :violent-s otherwise it was easy riding to Webbs Ridge FT. Here we encountered two 4WDs that kindly made room for us to pass. We were also slip sliding quite a bit on the red clay and dark brown mud. Felix was in one track then the other as his bike twitched under power and new 606 tyres. My 21psi tyres were less than ideal and I was running wide on a few slippery corners.

    We took Dingi Dingi Ridge FT east and descended over the red clay gingerly. Then baz and Felix scooted off ahead of me up and across to Two Sticks Rd. Having had one or two minor scares :speechles I took the plateau section considerably slower.

    The descent east on Two Sticks was a hoot. I was using Baz and Felix to select the best lines and easily kept up with them. Where we normally turn into Blue Range north, Baz instead led us across the private properties down to Mountain Creek Rd and back to the car and trailer. We had covered about 80kms in about 2.5hrs.

    08 DRZ400E yellow for more fun since 2016>^roost
    05 DR650SE blue for adventure since 2012>
    08 DRZ250 yellow for endure since 2010>:kk
    05 CT110 red for learning since 2008>
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