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Laverton MX track revival???

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    Update: The project team got the planning permit from 'themselves' so the next phase will soon begin - the civil design phase. This is the detailed design phase and will be completed around May 2016. Construction will also commence this year however no firm date for opening has been worked out yet. A firm opening date probably hinges on the detailed design and what works that entails.


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      Latest update:
      Dear Stakeholders,

      I am pleased to be able to bring you another update on the status of the Lawrie Emmins Motocross Track Development.

      This is a complex project and there are a number of components to this project that have taken longer to resolve than initially anticipated. However, the project is progressing and we are moving ahead with the development.

      Some elements of the project that we are currently working on include:

      Melbourne Water easement
      Civil engineering plans
      Ongoing collaboration with Motorcycling Victoria
      Irrigation design
      Approvals and installation of a site office and machinery
      New septic system installation
      Approvals and installation of new toilet facilities

      We remain hopeful to be starting construction early 2017.

      Please contact me directly if you have any questions in relation to this update or have any comments.

      Kind regards,
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        Update time! Local council has asked for tenders for running the track. I drive past the track two times a day and it doesn't look like much is happening there, but the call for people to run the track seems to indicate that things are moving slowly but surely.


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          By the time that the useless council gets anything done the developers will have the houses backing up to the track and be offering them top dollar for that land. Pessimistic?Reality of living in Wyndham and seeing the agonizingly slow speed at which infrastructure gets built would suggest anyone thinking of going for a ride there needs to be patient.Very patient.


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            I was living in Altona meadows when they were talking about re-opening it....

            .. that was in 2011


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              Things move quick out west. Roll out the same old BS. This thread is 6 years old and well .........
              Last paragraph says it all.


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                Latest news is council is dishing out money,and someone to run the facility has taken up the challenge.


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                  I find it absolutely amazing that in this day and age they are actually making a new MX track within close proximity to suburbia. How'd they ever got the go ahead for it?

                  I hope it goes well for them!
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                    Originally posted by Napattac View Post
                    Latest news is council is dishing out money,and someone to run the facility has taken up the challenge.
                    That's awesome. With Steve Martin involved it has a good chance to succeed.