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Yamaha XS650 tacho cable

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  • Yamaha XS650 tacho cable

    Hi all,
    Was working on my old 1972 XS650 Yamaha road bike and when I got it started the tacho cable outer shell started to melt. I disconnected the battery and removed the tank asap and saw that the cable was touching the horn. The damage so far goes to the engine case, the part of the cable going to the back of the tacho didn't get as hot.
    Any opinions greatly appreciated, thanks Dave
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    & I thought I was bodgy... You win the DBW in-faith prize.
    The tacko is your-least issue if-that cable does-other too.

    Re-Route whole-new wiring well-away from the Header-pipe.
    Then suss-out what you've left that still works: Best of luck.

    My intention wasn't to insult or belittle you blindmandave... You need to get those cables/wires sorted.
    If you're not a stickler for it's originality; maybe figure/suss-out a tacho based on HT-lead spark-pulses.
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      Thanks Hairy, I agree it isn't the neatest wiring. When I give up my day job I'll tidy it up for sure. This is how it was when I got the bike off my brother in law so will just chip away when I get some time. Cheers Dave


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        You have a poor ground on the electrical system so it has used the path of least resistance, ie. your tacho cable and cooked it.
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          Thanks for your comments Mr Genius, I will certainly check that out.
          All good Hairyone, wasn't offended at all