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Pygmygod 07-11-2019 09:26 PM

2019 Wildwood Rock
I'm spectating on the weekend.
Anyone else going? Or competing?

Finally a year which is not in the high 20's or low 30's and the beating down sun.

ggchris 07-11-2019 09:29 PM

I'm not riding this year, but there's a good group making the trip down from Sydney to ride. Several DBW guys..

I'm trying to get down to cheer them on!

Good luck everyone, enjoy the rain!!

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ROBKTM 08-11-2019 09:10 AM

i,m racing

disco 08-11-2019 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by ROBKTM (Post 2061747)
i,m racing

Go Robbo!


Gypsy501 08-11-2019 11:21 AM

Lol [emoji23] ^^^

On ya Robbo-have a good ride mate [emoji869]

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gibnut 11-11-2019 08:35 AM

What a day.

I went down with my riding buddy, ‘Back-wheel Woogy’ & we walked the track and got scrutineered Saturday arvo. Straight away, it was apparent from the get-go that the prologue was a fair bit more technical than last year. The ute tubs were jammed together with less than a bike-length between, making a zap up some 5ft high boulders the only real line. The other additions were fiendishly placed right before the finish barrel - 3 power poles set 3ft apart & then three big granite boulders you just had to punch up. Carnage ensued late in the race when the the poles got muddy - cue scorpions, a smashed radiator, etc.

After some thought & a chat with Ben Grabham Sunday morning, I decided not to prologue & start at the back, same as last year. Why? Which Gumby would want to do the prologue three times instead of twice? No-cams, Mark Pembroke & Josh Lewis (The Mountain Men) did & all improved their start positions.

I got through the prologue clean with no mistakes & avoided a few guys log jamming the favourite lines. Riding in rocks a lot helps keep the wheels moving in there.

Through the dam & down to the first hill. Steve has laid a 80m river of rocks right before Horsepower Hill that now has zero run up. I got up clean & I was away.

The first challenging part for me was a short, steep grassy hill that you had to decipher - 1st or 2nd, sit or stand. 3rd attempt, 1st gear sitting did the trick. Next up a windy gully that I crashed hard in last year - got up clean but ugly. Starting to feel the energy slowly ebb away now..

A couple more twists & turns and I was sat at the bottom of Fender Bender. On first sight at the bottom it is intimidating. Steep. I’m contemplating ‘if’ not ‘how’ & right then a familiar bike flies past next to my handlebar - Sherco, Wade Young in the saddle. He pins it in 3rd & literally flies over the erosion mounds on the pegs straight up the guts. Breathtaking stuff! There is thankfully a Gumby line rhs - I just went “Eff it” and attacked in 3rd gear. Got up clean first time & let out a massive ‘Effing YESSSS!’ at the top.

I didn’t have any real dramas up the rocky river uphill - just took Seano’s advice (via Keg) & paddled sitting far back on the rear guard. Passed a few using this technique. Then the rock garden, got up clean up the switch back line except for a wobble at the top step. Gassed now.

5 step ups - just made the third one, had to drag my bike up, then last two & twisty sand bit. I dropped my bike & it fell into a rut upside down. The crowd urged me to get it upright, which I did & made it up. I stopped to high five a few guys who cheered me on - thanks, fellas! That’s Wildwood right there.

Final prologue lap I was rooted. My clutch hand looked like Roy Batty’s in Bladerunner when he’s got that sleeper nail in it & he’s about to die - I pulled my fingers apart and struggled on to the last obstacle. Punched up but dropped my bike & fell off the rocks onto my shoulder. Luckily my bike was perched on top - I was so, so stoked I didn’t have to do that again. Over the barrel in about 1hr 50mins - well over an hour better than my time last year.

Shout outs to Seano & Chris Ruffley, who’s encouragement over the years has seen Gumbys like me improve enough to get around Wildwood once a year.

The day is an awesome event & it is a testament to Steve Brazsell, Damo & all the organisers that it is so well attended & can still draw the likes of Wade Young, a superstar, to it. Please support it by entering or spectating - you won’t be sorry (or maybe you will - ha ha!).

And what of Woogy? Well, he finished (as all our group did). He came over while waiting for Wade to get over the barrel signifying Last Lap & whispered “You didn’t tell me it was that hard..”.

Christian Gibson #51

Pete40 11-11-2019 10:03 AM

Good on ya gibnut!!!

Pete40 11-11-2019 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Pete40 (Post 2061808)
Good on ya gibnut!!!

Just looked at the results! You got the best lap time averaging 47kmh and you shit on Wade Young too. Ya better copy those before they edit them.:laughing-

gibnut 11-11-2019 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by Pete40 (Post 2061809)
Just looked at the results! You got the best lap time averaging 47kmh and you shit on Wade Young too. Ya better copy those before they edit them.:laughing-

How funny is that! Straight to the pool room!

ggchris 11-11-2019 10:55 AM

Made it down with 3 of the kids to support the Sydney boys (I'm including the blue mountain men in that group), and the event itself. Wildwood had always been good to me, so I think it deserves support (6 event hoodies later...)

Anyway, got there Saturday and had a walk around the track. Steve was still building bits but clearly had been putting in some time. This stuff doesn't build itself. Hats off..

Main event was a pleasure to spectate.. things moved along at a good pace, no hours of waiting for stuff.. straight in and at it. Some awesome riding, universal great attitude and supportive crowd. Oompahloompahs were riding the chainsaws and air horns with style, and the drinks and food were all in the right places.

There was the usual range of riding abilities, but what WW does well is provide a challenge.. and it's one that just about everyone who's daft enough to sign up can achieve and conquer. Just.

And that's where the achievement is. And the fun for the spectators, I suppose. If good will got you to the top of a rocky hill, nobody at Wildwood would fall off.. but fall off they do!

Well, that's my spectator report. All our lot finished, and deserve all the respect and congratulations that's coming to them. Well done.

And well done everyone who supported, created, contributed, sponsored and rode. Seeya next year.

It's a pleasure Gibbo

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