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Hammer456 23-10-2010 02:02 PM

Hammer's most excellent 2010 Australasian Safari adventure
First up a huge thanks to my sponsors: ^clap:cheers

Gecko Motorcycles Canberra
Tuggeranong Muffler and Motorbike centre

This might be a little long, so I'll post in parts and try to insert relevant pics as I go. {it will be useless until I get the pics up!}


Well the bike preparation kind of finished at 0400 on the Saturday we left. In between 0400 and 0500 I finished packing the trailer. I thought I?d get a quick kip before SWMBO woke, but as I turned the light off in the lounge, SWMBO turned it on from the other end of the room.

My scheduling had me finishing preparing the bike the week before, fabricating trailer storage and packing the trailer a couple of days before. Good plan. Obviously things didn?t go to plan. Big thanks to Brad and Mitch for assisting in dismantling the poor old KTM for parts while I tried to get all my shit together on the Friday night..In any event I got all the gear on the bike, it worked or seemed to. The trailer was loaded and we headed off.

I woke at Wagga and it was foggy as, with all the rivers breaking their banks. The water on the side of the road unbelievably stayed with us until Norseman in WA. We arrived in Perth some 3,900km later.

To put the pre event stress into perspective I was also signing off on the purchase of another house and negotiating a new job. So I had few things on my mind during my prep, which may have contributed to my lack of timely preparation.

After a long and extensive selection process I had chosen my sister as my support crew. Basically I?d asked some of my mates and they couldn?t get time off, I asked my cousin who is a diesel mechanic and he had only just finished a 4 week holiday. I had offers for next year, but alas it was this year I needed help. I thought I?d just need someone to drive the car and thought my nephew who had just got his licence would be up for the adventure. He was, but sister decided he needed supervision. Now this worked out well because 3 weeks before he advised mum (my sister) that the sailing nationals were on the weekend we were to come back so he didn?t want to come anymore! B (sister) was still up for it so I was saved. I did have a back up, but I took a punt that B would be ok and left the Geezer in reserve.

We arrived in Perth and checked into the hotel. It was also the hotel for the safari organisers. We scored a room looking straight at the pool wall, but this turned out ok as it meant that I could work on the bike right out of sight of any one. I even made it sleep in the lounge room with us. But I was only allowed to do this once as B was worried we?d get kicked out. Later on I found out some Japanese riders had done the same last year, but also serviced the gearbox on the lounge room floor.

Prior to leaving I had the car serviced and tried to organise some new tyres. The old tyres were close to being ok, but I thought if I replaced them that would be one less thing to worry about. The great deal I organised didn?t happen, with the tyres not arriving. The bloke kept saying tomorrow, then ?oh sorry mate, I can get them on Tuesday?. I calmly explained that I would be in Perth on Tuesday he said he could arrange the same deal over there. We played plenty of phone tennis with a heap of promises and no result. B managed to organise a set, but at $365 a tyre, not $300. Oh well at least we had new rubber and the car was sorted, or so I thought.

The last day before the race start was pandemonium as I ran around doing what seemed like a million little things. I also bought an Opensky awning for the car and a waeco inverter. The OpenSky on opening had a pole which stuck. It was suppose to have a no stress warranty so we tried it out. It was no stress from the manufacturer, but the local supplier was less than stressless in supplying a repalcement. Thankfully B dealt with it all, as I was busy finishing off the bike.

We had fitted the stickers at the hotel and they kind of looked ok. Well ok for a first time I thought. Prior to scrutineering people were walking around talking about what they had to change. Despite their comments and the purchase of 2x 10 litre jerry cans I waltzed through scrutineering. I managed to rock up behind the Husaberg Rallye Team and felt proud as when they asked who prepared my bike for me.?Me? I said, grinning nervously before getting passed through scrutineering.

Friday was the ceremonial start at the Boat Harbour. It was pretty cool being in a group of 50 odd race bikes. We gathered in numerical order on the exit from the Safari camp and road the short distance to the harbour. I managed to take a wrong turn before we even got route sheets, but this was more to do with the following the bloke in front rather than my poor navigation. Well my story and I am sticking to it.

We arrived and place the bikes on a tiered grass stand. The bikes on the tiered area and the cars and quads on a plaza level below. We waited for ages, with limited info on what was going on. Those in the know hit the pub on the wharf for a quiet one before the start ceremony. After some Aboriginal chant and politician?s speech we headed back to pack up and go to the prologue some 300km away in Southern Cross the next day.

Rickster 23-10-2010 02:17 PM

Good stuff Rich.....this going to be epic!!

fetid_swamp 23-10-2010 07:01 PM

^clap excellent.

Team200 23-10-2010 07:37 PM

Great read so far, what a great B sis you have ^clap


Hammer456 24-10-2010 09:32 AM

Safari on TV

Originally Posted by Team200 (Post 1114778)
Great read so far, what a great B sis you have ^clap


Yep an absolute legend! People kept saying your misses was doing really well, NO NO it's my sister. Once the funny ^rof looks stopped they thought she was a legend too. ^clap

We can now announced the dates for the Australian Television Broadcast of the 2010 Safari. So put a reminder in your calander and set the TiVo to record.

Our Media Partners, One and Ten have advised of the following broadcast dates for the 2010 Australasian Safari :

Sunday the 24 October @ 2205 on ONE
Saturday the 30 October @ 2130 on ONE
Sunday the 31 October 2010 @12 midday on TEN

ECKS-Man 25-10-2010 04:30 PM

Been waiting for this one Rich... get it happening mate! Love it so far! :grinning-

Hammer456 25-10-2010 06:21 PM

For more information on my preparation have a look at this thread:

And now for some pics
The bike looked like this at the start nice and newish

One poor old faithful KTM butchered for parts.


If only I'd have built my trailer shelves beforehand, I could of fitted more stuff in ^rof. I even took some fishing tackle and rods though didn't seem to find the time to wet a line :sad-smile

Did I tell you I was tired and it was a long trip over.

The roads were pretty straight after Port Augusta. To amuse ourselves (well me mainly) I played a steering wheel wave game like scissor, paper rock. Difference was you had to pick what the grey nomad was going to do, slight raise of one finger, a semi salute etc. I would love to have heard the conversation when I lifted both hands off the wheel, waved furiously with a massive grin. they probably thought I was an escapee from a mental institute. Well I have fun.^rof

Hammer456 25-10-2010 06:32 PM

I was only allowed to have the bike in the loungeroom once, or B was going to tell mum.

Motocomposites Disc guard. Hmm sexy carbon fibre protective stuff ^clap. If you look at the old KTM pics I wish I had a header guard on it. No such dent issues with this stuff. The Motocomposites stuff all went on easily and did a great job of proctecting the bike. It even made me look like I could ride faster ^rockon

Especailly the brake side case protector. I'd lost the toe cap from my boots and had a boot repairer put some toe caps on. Unfortunately the alpine star toe caps were not the same radius as the Sidi crossfires and they stuck out. Scratching the side cover heaps. Testiment to the quality of the Motocomposites carbon fibre Husaberg case protectors they handled not only the punishment of whole safari and repeated bike rests on the side but also grinding from a poor fitting toe cap.
Some before shots:

Hammer456 25-10-2010 06:38 PM

Applying stickers to dirtbikes is one of those things you hear horror stories about and after my first attempt I can understand why. Luckily B is a seamstress and helped with a couple of well placed nics here and there. Love ya work sis ^clap and looking at the "Pros" at s*@#&*@#&*@#&*@#&*@#&ineering I think we did a pretty good job (particularly from a distance )

Ready to go to through scrutineering



Rosey250F 25-10-2010 07:19 PM

Loving this report so far Hammer ^clap

looking forward to the rest of it

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