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DBW GNCC Ride Report

I had a great day. I have new done an event like this on a bike so it was all new to me.
Myself and a mate met up with a few other people we knew and decided to ride with one of them, the other ride way to fast for us.

After keg explained the day and the big group left we decide it was time to go. My bike had decided otherwise, after stuffing around for a bit put a new plug in it and kick it once and away it went.

The track was really good, had a bit of every thing in it. Up hills, down hills, dust, rocks and a motor cross track.

Not long after we took off, going down on of the loose hills, I saw a back wheel in the air, then a front wheel, then back wheel ( a bike going end for end side ways), i rolled around a bit more and here is ol' mate lying flat on his back on the side of the track, as i roll up to him and ask if he is alright he sort of gets out "I'm ok". Must have been ok, he wasn't there next lap.

I had a great day, didn't crash, came close but my handle bars didn't touch the ground. Got up horsepower hill with no worries, coming down was a different story. The whole event was really well run. Talked to few people that I have no idea who there are. And came away with a new tyre for my bike: grinning-

Thanks Keg and his helper for a fantastic day.
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