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I went out to Wildwood soley to get some footage for all you guys and maybe see some good crashes. I saw a couple of good scorpions on the tyre section, i think from the same rider (new Husky).
When i had a bike i had a go on the prologue track so i know how hard it is to do after you have already done a full lap. So i commend all that had a go at it and how well you did. Very entertaining.
Now about the bloke that locked his keys in the car... Yes that was me. BUT!!!
The whole story is that i was really hanging to have a ride watching all you champs out there. And.. This bloke offered his bike to me. Not sure if he was joking or not i had to confirm that he was for real and he was.
So without further or do, i raced to my car to get some gear on that happened to be in the boot, what a coincidence huh. A little hyped up you could say, i got all my gear on ready to go, and BANG closed the boot. At that very moment i had a vision of my keys inside my jeans pocket.. Argh **** me!, you dickhead!!
I short i surquesterd <Hehe a coat hanger from Wildwood Steve (Cheers for that, it's hanging on the fence) and with Keg steering it we managed to get the car unlocked, phew!
Now i was all but ready for that ride on the bike. Well some bloke got on it and took off in an "emergency" Oh well i thought. I'll go back and get some more footage of all you guys again. Felt like a right git all geared up without a bike on site. A half hour went by and no sign of my knight in dusty armour so i changed back into the casuals. (yep the bike turned up then) Doh, Doh Doh!

Either way i still had a great day and really enjoyed catching up with some old faces and for next years event i think a slingshot with some water balloons for the KIDS that are out there will be the go.

Cheers all and Ps. Top vid Anthony.
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