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Riding Wales

Gday all

I'd just typed up a report on my phone and accidentally cleared it so here's the short version

Currently on holidays in the UK and went riding for a day in Wales, they don't have any forests or public land to ride on over here but they have 'public ways' or 'green lanes' to ride through

We completed 100 miles and saw some spectacular scenery, rode through some very small and old towns and the guide took us on every bit of off road that he could squeeze in for the day

We rode KTM 400's and they were very well maintained, not what I expected from a hire businesses.

Apart from the fact it rained all day and the temp didn't hit double figures it was a great day out and is how I'd spend my weekends if I lived over this way.


In hindsight I should have known better and read the signs like "the speed in the carpark" and comments like "that was awesome" after the transport out to the single track.
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