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Originally Posted by mudman View Post
So pissed off been hanging to watch dean all season just expecting that as per usual it will be on on sundays on foxtel. Now find out they havnt bothered to secure rights. Wtf. Does anyone know where we can watch it at some stage tomorrow? Want to watch all the ausies give it a go. Goid crew over there and cant watch
Hangon to your hat mudman ....this wont be the only rights deal fox sports wont renew in coming years !

And Hats off to Aaryn Minnerd of Fullnoise sire here in OZ, for getting the ear of Davey Coombs over at RacerX Online, regarding the current antipodean anxities over this issue -

Below is a Direct copy off RacerX Online - and its 'Racerhead' Edition. #20 of 2019.
"We have been getting bombarded with requests from moto fans in Australia over the lack of a TV deal (so far) for the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. This is a work in progress, and it's between NBC and its network affiliates Down Underóand I am very hopeful that it gets resolved. The letter below from my friend Aaryn Minerds lays out how the Aussies are feeling, and I hope the network sees this:

Now I know you are going to be completely flat out right about now with Hangtown on this weekend, I am sure you are getting a million phone calls and emails a second right now, but when you get a chance is there anyway you could help us Aussies out?

We are in desperate need of a way to watch your great series in 2019, as it stands there is currently no way for Australians to watch the 2019 Lucas oils American Motocross Championship legally. Foxtel who usually air the series in some form have confirmed that it will not be this year, for whatever reason. The great NBC coverage is not available in Australia, we are geo blocked from using that App or their online streaming, sure there are ways around it, but for the masses that is a little hard.

As you probably know there is a large contingent of Aussies and Kiwiís racing this year, the first three rounds will see more Aussies on the line than I can remember in one season. Dean Ferris, Todd Waters and (Kiwi) Cody Cooper in the 450 class, and from I gather American Justin Rodbell and Estonian Erki Kahro, who have both been running up front in our domestic MX1 championship, will both be lining up.

Then we have our next great hope in Hunter Lawrence and the current Australian MX2 points leader Wilson Todd both on the line in the 250 class. The interest from down under has not been this high since Chad Reed first raced in the U.S.

I have no idea if you have it in your power to make the coverage available in Australia, or if you can let us know who currently holds the rights to viewing the series in the land down under, but our county as a whole may just crumble if our entire motocross community canít watch the American motocross championship in 2019 " ..... end of article.

So how many here think that the exceptionally overpaid, overly concerned with the current menu list at their fav lunchtime restaurant, type TV Execs either over there on 1st Ave, New York or down here in Chinatown Sydney will give more than a milliseconds thought too the less than 0.0001 % of the Aust / NZ population that this massively stupid puss pile of a decision has in regards to those unfortunate people that it dumps on. R... Over !
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