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Filming the shit out of this one!

Really looking forward to this ride.

I've done it once before and loved the changes in the flavour of the desert as you head north.

We'll be filming it with drones and I've bought a new camera to make sure our video is the best.

It has a crazy aspect to it, in that head of Rally Raid Products, John Mitchinson is coming along on a Rally Raided Honda CB 500 X - mad dogs and Englishmen comes to mind. But we all know what John has done for KTM690s and lesser degree Triumphs.

I will be buying the bike on behalf of John very shortly and then he will ship the parts over and Philippe and I will be building the bike. It will have spoked wheels, bashplate, suspension mods.

So the party is made up of Nugget - KTM450 adventurised, Philippe - Rally Raided KTM690, Sean - Yamaha 250 adventurised, Wayne - DR650 Adventurised, John - Honda CB500 X adventurised, Alex - KTM690 Rally Raid, and me, KTM690 Rally Raid.
Oh shit, forgot Mal - KTM640 Adventure!
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