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Originally Posted by Goutman View Post
Howdy guys and girls.... recently purchased a 02 wr 426. Upon first inspection the bike fired first kick on a cold motor, since getting it home i have struggled to make it start. I have changed spark plug, its getting spark, its getting fuel through to the carby and has a heap of compression. I dont use the throttle to help start it as they have a mechanical fuel pump, and use the decomp lever. The method in which i use to start it goes like this... fuels on, chokes out, kick down till i get some resistance, engage decomp lever, kick down a further poofteenth, release lever and give it a boot. It doesnt even give a hint of wanting to fire. The only thing i have done since purchasing the bike is add a tank of premium fuel and a new plug.... what are your thoughts?
Talk to the previous owner and find out what he did to start it..

Seems odd that when you get it home it won't start with spark, fuel etc etc.

Give him a buzz, coz it will be cheaper than a local shop..
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