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We always test with gas force and seal drag included initially. This gives us the "Warts and all" perspective. If we are going to make a valving change, we will then isolate the forces to allow us to quantify the change more accurately.
If you look at the 2nd and 3rd graphs, the overall force has increased (due to gas pressure). It could well be that we would have to soften the damping a little to compensate. We took this bike off the showroom floor in order to gather as much info as possible. We measured the springs and did a Leverage Ratio Curve as well as dyno runs. All of this was to get springs on order ASAP. Existing valve kits are already suitable. I feel the YZ65 could be a turning point motorcycle. Japan has let KTM have its way with the mini bike market for too long. We test with a rider next week. The bike definitely has better suspension hardware than the KTM and certainly shows potential. Springs will be here in around 2 - 3 weeks....and in Yamaha Blue.....pretty...
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