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C'mon.....that's suspension 101. Damping is velocity sensitive....hit the same velocity, you get the same damping....easy.
I have pointed that out all along.
The yawning gap here is the curve variation during the acceleration. Hit 500mm per second over 50mm displacement and 100mm, you will have the same peak force yet a very different curve. The nature of the force accumulation is wildly varied.
You posted a graph which you said had a near perfect overlay and then you said that they were at 2 different displacements allowing you to forecast behaviour at higher speeds through projection. That is why I urged you to look at a different screen which provided a more accurate and revealing view.
The graphs I posted of the YZ65 showed a fault manifesting itself at the fastest run speed yet the lower speeds looked quite acceptable. Imagine if I took it further. Or worse yet...imagine if I only tested at the lower speeds. You could not have projected a high speed outcome that was fault revealing if there was no sign of it a lower velocities.


I posted the graphs in answer to your comments about the dyno not being real world because it doesn't accelerate the fork or shock as fast as when being ridden. I've heard this many times before, but I'm yet to see anything that suggests this to be true.

You don't even need data to know there is a difference here, just a simple understanding of the physics involved in both circumstances.
One is a controlled acceration and one is an impact....sometimes violent.
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