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I have a 2015. Is it perfect, no, but really what other options are out there that really compares in terms of performance etc? DR650 was my other option but I wasn't going back to those old days.

I will admit I have had issues with mine that has seen in at the dealer for a fair amount of time (parts take time to come from Austria) , but even with that occurring I still haven't regretted buying it. Its a great bike to ride in the bush and I can jump on it and ride it on the street for long distances. In terms of its capability, it was exactly what I wanted.

So if you want a bike that's good in the bush and can do large road K's as well, the KTM690 is the way to go.

I should also add I don't use my bike for proper ADV riding. I wanted a dirtbike I could ride longer distances on the road, and that's what the 690 does well. If I was going across the Simpson desert I would rather the DR650.

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