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Hi again,

Well I dropped the side cover off this afternoon, I thought I had winner when I saw the allan head bolt holding the Locating drum loose, allowing the Locating drum to sit out not engaged in the dogs of the Shift roller.

I removed the clutch basket and locking lever ( the lever with the ball race bearing on it) I then slid the Locating drum out to look for damage, perfect.

the dogs only allow it to fit one way, so I fit it back on and nip up the retainer bolt, the gear lever is now rotating the Locking drum and Selector drum, but no gears, still in Neutral, the shift shaft has a stop which is stopping it from rotating too far and it wont roll the selector drum far enough.

So I drop of the stand and roll the bike back and forward while shifting the gear lever, nothing, so I rotate the trans main shaft (where clutch basket goes) hello, we have gears, it shifts up to 6th, I can feel the selector fork stopping the drum from rolling any further, try a down shift, nothing, I rotate the trans main shaft some more, it starts to go down through the gears, but with a neutral between each gear it seems.

It feels like one of the selectors forks is not moving or is out of sync with the other.

Before I go and pull it down, does anyone know of a common fault with the shift forks or drums, there are a few updated parts online, but I was hoping to know what to expect before I split the cases.

I got the bike cheap and dont mind if I have to spend a little, but I am very time poor and dont want to split it if I dont have to.

The bike starts and runs great, is in better than average nick with all original plastics, bars levers etc and inside the side case was clean, no metal chunkies, so I was hoping it would be good news.

Any Kato mechanics here who feel like chipping in with wisdom.

Thanks again.
Hunter Valley, NSW Chris
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