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Current day update.

So, I didn't want to post in here again until I had a decent bit of progress to share.
However, I'm sitting here in the middle of my two weeks off twiddling my thumbs and going mad. I thought some forum time might help a little.

After getting the barrel rebored to suit the new Wiseco piston, I gave the crank to the local "best in the business" workshop to have it fully rebuilt and balanced. It's a real love-hate relationship with these guys. I've used them a few times, the quality of work is unreal but the turnaround and customer service is rubbish. They're the best at what they do within 1000km though so I persist.
Its been four + months since I gave them the crank and I had hoped that even with parts on back order and how busy they were (their primary work is building, maintaining and dyno tuning high-performance road bikes which keeps them pretty flat out) I was hoping to have it back before my time off so i could finally start putting the engine back together.

Not to be the case though, they reopen on the 02.01.19 so I'll have to go in and chase it up then. As soon as I have it back ill be able to put the motor back together in its entirety.
I'll have to double check, but I am pretty sure I have most if not all of what I need to rebuild and reinstall the swingarm except for a new shock and wheel so hopefully I will be able to get some decent progress made in a shorter amount of time once that crank comes back.

In the meantime, I have managed to keep myself sane by spending some time and money on my KTM project bike. New tyres, pads and rotors are on the way to get it a little closer to being rideable. I might even give it a wash and fire it up today. The KTM is 99% ready to ride, but I have let it take a back seat to the Tenere as I know that even if I get it running and registered I just won't have the time to ride it.

I'll throw up another update with some pictures in (hopefully) the not to distant future.
Have a great New Years everyone! Take it easy
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