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Labrum tear, Hills sach lesion and slap tear

Hi All

Had a small off 4 weeks ago and i mean small I've seen drunk guys fall over worse and finally seen the specialist today. News was not good The whole labrum is torn at the front.The bicep is hanging there by a thread.
Specialists words were

Physio and build the shoulder muscles up could pop out if hit. Riding bikes is a risk as any hard hit or deflection could do more harm than good.Cant cast a fishing rod as it hurts with the flick.

Or surgery then Sling for 4 weeks then rehab. Surgery consisting of sutures.
And detaching the bicep and reattaching lower giving me the popeye looking bicep muscle.

My question is has anyone had these exact problems ? If so how long did it take till you were back working and riding ?
As i have searched the net and some are saying 12 weeks and others are saying 12 months..Worried as I'm self employed.
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