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Originally Posted by ktm400 View Post
Coincidence this thread popping up really, as I have a idle issue at the moment and I assumed the summer air is the problem.
I actually seeing black smoke from my exhaust of the 2T 380 when sitting there idling.!!

Yesterday I used heaps of fuel compared to usual and others riders as I lugg the 380 allot and ride 1 or 2 gears higher, which is on the pilot jet allot I guess.. and that's where it's at it richest.

My Pilot Jet is too small anyway and have my air screw 1/4 turn out... Now it's summer I will need to go 1/2 to 3/4 I guess..Problem is it starts better when pilot is rich..(should get a proper re-jet i guess)

I aint touching the needle clip position as it's fine on the pipe and I don't want a nipped up piston & bore..

Never had a 2T that is so touchy as this bugger..
Dont want to hijack the thread but my 380 started doing the same,using heaps of fuel as well.
New piston and ring sorted it all out, As you dont notice the compression droping away. Also just fitted a 160 main jet ( yeh i know it sounds small for a 380! ) and the thing just rips now , so crisp and still not lean!
Has so much more top end as well , I love this bike
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