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Tyre suggestions?

My KTM 400 hasn't been out of the shed in years but I'm looking to give it some TLC over the holidays to get it roadworthy again and perhaps join a club next year to get some rides on it.

The Pirelli MT21's I had on it still have tread but are way too old to be safe on the road anymore. What are people finding to be a good setup for conditions in SA? My riding opportunities have been so limited I don't even know if I should be looking at soft, intermediate or hard pack tyres. At my age and ability I'd be leaning towards budget/durability over outright performance.

I do have a second set of wheels for when the budget allows to get another set of tyres so one set could be purely for off road work and the other for some light adventure/exploring which would include some bitumen to get to the dirt.
Any suggestions on what others have found to be a good choice in any of those scenarios would be much appreciated.
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