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I ran the tractionator enduro soft front tyre once. Performance off road was fine, but I used it for tar and dirt......wore quicker than I wanted. This isn't the fault of the tyre, wrong tyre for my purpose. Hence my swap to the hybrid.

As a general rule if unsure of terrain you'll be riding, fit a soft to soft/intermediate front matched with hard to hard /intermediate rear.

You've said the Tractionators are a good price so probably best to fit them and assesss them for your purpose. If worst comes to worst it'll be the front you'll want to swap rather than the rear. At least you'll then have some experience of what terrain and riding you'll be doing.

As a side note do you intend to
1) compete off road
2) ride hard core off road
3) ride relaxed fire trail, dirt road with a smattering of tar to link it all together?
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