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Originally Posted by tmac450 View Post
I don't believe battery/electric vehicles are the future. They're just a gap filler until they can come up with something better, like hydrogen or some other power source yet to be tapped.

We won't really see too much movement until oil supplies start to become critical or too expensive. That's when the oil giants will lose control of the market.
Whatever comes next will be a stopgap, for sure.

The adoption of electric vehicles depends as much on politics as technology - probably more so. The technology is there for a useful electric vehicle. It improves daily, so manufacturers of the end product (rather than the battery) are reluctant to tool up and build a product that is immediately out of date as the market gallops past. They need something that slows down the product churn, or increases the potential market. Like govt subsidies, perks for importers, kickbacks for owners.

Personally, I think we'll likely end up with a chassis that we own, and a powerplant/battery combo that we lease, or a similar model so they can keep swiping at us for upgrades.

The gamechanger will be when the govt puts in the subsidies that encourage adoption. Then the importers will have a market to exploit.

In the meantime, I reckon keep riding what you've got..
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