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Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
And perhaps it's not a Teachers job to instil social skills in their students.

Where do we fit this in among; banking and finance education, dole forms and social security lessons, learning to drive, swimming lessons, discos, fun runs (mostly walking because theyre too fat to run), sex education, breakfast club, how to put a franger on, social media awareness, etc?

We need to REMOVE this stuff from the syllabus so the kids can have time to learn to read, write and cipher. Parents need to understand their freaking duty to their kids.

Having said that, my K-1-2 classroom this year was set up as a sanctuary from the outside world where consciousness and good conduct was the base for all learning. When a child is happy, safe, warm, well-fed and loved, learning becomes much easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Some of the kids' stories about their home-life near brought me to tears. One little girl apologised for their family being poor and brought me in a flower for Christmas from the playground. It's sad to see how some of the kids are treated at home, you just know they're the next 'lost generation' of meth-heads, etc.

Thanks Brooke.
I agree with you entirely..

However you can't stop stupid reproducing.. and the situation for the kids when they are taken from said parents is rarely any better... I'm not particularly saying schools should parent, but I think perhaps there needs to be a shift in how/what is taught.

Learning itself is a skill.. unfortunately one that many lack!
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