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Originally Posted by Gypsy501 View Post
Well there you go, first time iv heard of a bike that rides Gnarly/Technical tracks and doesn’t run a fan and has never boiled there bike.

I've done my fair share of technical riding, as well as general slow free riding. Tropical climate so high ambient temp to start with. The only time I've boiled has been when running too lean.

Obviously though, style and technique comes into it. Radiators don't do a great job of cooling without air passing over them. Like EZZA said.. keeping the bike running or under load while not moving is a good way to get the temps up. A decent cooling system and a well tuned engine shouldn't really need a fan to stop it boiling either, if the rider keeps moving.

My guess is that this brand has shaved what they can out of the rads.. slim design, low weight. Couple it up with some bikes running a bit too crisp and boiley boil!
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