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Kayaba SSS for Beta

After deciding to keep the red beast, I thought I would investigate upgrading the front fork. The oc's are fine for what they are but I have read great reviews of SSS forks fitted to Beta RR models. I saw a pair for sale & got them pretty cheap - off a '09 YZ-f 250. A big thank you to Marty Moose (DBW & betarider) for laying out the conversion steps so plainly.

My brother helped remove a seized axle pinch bolt yesterday & I could tell when I picked up the forks they probably had been caned, so I was expecting the worse when I had a squiz inside.

I tore the the left leg down this arvo. I had never seen inside a cc fork before. Mmm-kay, here goes..

Free piston's shagged - o-ring & spacer split. The oil & dust seals and the circlip were rooted, too. Slider chrome a-ok, all other internals look good ats, including bushings. Pretty happy with that. I measured the spring, too - the stock (AUS delivered) spring rate was 0.459 so very close to what I have now in the Sachs @ 0.46.

Question - is there a difference between an oem placcy free piston & after market one (I would do the drill mod to a new oem one if i went that way)?

Note gate latch rod holder - works a treat!
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