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Yes, Nate - brake leg free piston cracked, other one fine. I have some aluminum ones coming from RMATV with a fork seal kit. May as well replace all the bushings, too, so I've got a new fork.

The fork isn't off an 09 as advertised - the corresponding Braking 260mm hanger (POW106) doesn't fit. So after some sleuthing, I deduced it must be 05 (first year of SSS on YZ-f) or 06. 07 & up is the new smaller caliper bracket (POW13 only fits 02-06). MXstore will swap it, no dramas.

Also, was just at JPG's cos the rh leg comp valve was seized in the fork staunchion.

First, air gun on it - won't budge. Next, heat gun & leccy rattle gun - won't budge. Finally the big mains power impact driver - he reckons it was well over 100Nm. It was rattling my friggin' teeth out!

All dissassembled & ready to service. Main structural parts are all good - no threaded/shagged out components. Based on the colour/consistency of the oil in the inner cart, I doubt it's seen daylight for 9 years!

I still need someone to reduce the larger (56mm) od upper staunchion area to 54mm so she fits in the triples. Nate, have a squiz at the last picture in post #1, that's the larger area that need to be machined down. Lathe?

Not worried about shims, etc yet. Rebuild, put 'em on & ride then assess.

Thanks for watching
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