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1C35-R & 1C35-L are the markings on the fork feet. There are no individual part numbers for these in the fiche that I could see, only complete legs, which makes it hard (as described on other forums) to accurately date the fork.

SSS were first fitted to YZ-f250's in 05 or 06 I believe and the smaller caliper hanger was fitted from 07 or 08.

The Braking POW106 (07- on their website) part doesn't fit, as I have the larger bracket, so we are prolly 06. POW13 is on it's way.

They were sold to me as 09 - clearly incorrect.

Haven't got to the bottom of "which axle" yet - have snaffled an 08 one for $20 but I think based on my luck so far, it'll be the wrong one!
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