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Originally Posted by flatout450 View Post
Has anyone[surely] done a Labreal tear [called slap tear] of the inside of the shoulder joints. Is there any hope fo recovery without surgury?

if so what did you do and how long did it take. Mine have been in pain now for over 5-6 weeks and little improvement in that time and night time pain terrible some nights.
Couldnt help myself tree hopping but this time it went wrong...
21years ago, when i was 21, i tore 80% of my shoulder muscles, and had a disslocation, dam, it was near the worst 3 weeks of my life. But after a month i was at the gym, rebuilding all those torn muscles, it took 2-3 months.

Sounds like you need to go thru some major rehab, surgery or not it takes time, and a lot of work.

Best of luck mate!!! wish you all the best!
Originally Posted by panhead_pete View Post

If I was smart I'd probably buy a Beta.

Originally Posted by mtr View Post
What a f***ing fun bike! So easy to steer on and off the power, it felt amazingly light for a bike its capacity

It's almost criminal how easy it handled the tight stuff, it was light years beyond what I could get away with on my 2010 YZ450, and you could steer it with the power like a pro whether going fast or slow. Seriously impressive.

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