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Gave the bike another decent hit out on Saturday arvo.

Issues - I holed the water pump hose after glancing the pipe off a rock & the pressure squashed the hose between the pipe & a too-sharp chunk of casting run-out on the top lip of the pump housing. Instant coolant dump in a fairly inhospitable section of my loop. Managed to get down to a creek, gaffa the hose up after pulling the pipe & filling the rads with river water.

The hose is made of cheese. Canít justify $230 () for a Samco* hose kit & I canít buy just the Samco elbow () so will cut a section off the split hose to reinforce the new $18 elbow. The clearance is hella tight there.

The speedo reset to zero - a common enough issue already with 2020ís. Ridiculous that a new plastic plate behind the headlight that is meant to secure the speedo cable in fact makes the plugs separate! Iím not even sure if this causes the speedo to reset, but I re-routed plugs behind this plate & so far, speedo is working. If it zeroís again - hello, warranty replacement.

Apart from these glitches - one caused by operator error - the bike is simply awesome. Much comfier to ride at speed than my Ď18 yet great handling in tighter terrain. The bone-stock motor/jetting/clutch/gearbox nexus is bloody tops!

The povo Sachs oc 48mm fork is a huge leap over my Ď18, too. Itís great, tbh. Havenít checked the clickers, race sag (static set by dealer), fork pre-load, nothing - fuel & ride. Iím 90kegs onboard - 0.42 & 5.2 f & r respectively. Yee-ha!

* If you need just straight lengths of Samco hose, sell them online..
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