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Originally Posted by Arctra View Post
Yeah, given other X-rays I've seen my break isn't too bad.

I went in to the ortho wanting him to operate but he talked me out of it. I was in quite a bit of pain with the bones grinding together, and although I had Endone it made me feel terrible... bad enough that the collar bone pain was better to deal with. I dunno how people enjoy that stuff and get hooked on it

I hear you on rather breaking the bone than doing tendon/rotator cuff/etc. damage.
Endone is horrible for me, I refuse to take it, plain old panadeine forte is better. I felt like crap and had terrible nightmares when taking endone and when on high doses I even had hallucinations.

Pethidine was a different story and also highly addictive, they don't seem to administer it anymore (a quick google reveals why).
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