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Isn't the/our human body something truely/profoundly Awesome!
My 30+ deliveries per-day: Furniture was often heavier than me.

I'm just beginning to truly suss-out that-sorta Mind Over Matter.
It's Quantum sorta-stuff: That does/will activate dormant Genes.

Edit: It's recently been shown that not all of our genes/dna are currently active.
Likewise: It's been recently shown that/they can/do reactivate when warranted.

Edit2: I'd really savour a quality discussion as-to how they built the Pyramids.
Yet: Idiots know it all: The sad thing is: Wise people are often/such Paranoid.
================================================== =======

Nothing whatsoever for me to brag about here:-
I set myself 20 push-ups every ad-break on TV.

I got to over 200: Which isn't much; admittedly.
Yet: That represents three hours of tv: Enough.
The More I Learn... The Less I Know.
That Which Doesn't Change... Stays The Same.
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