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I had my gallbladder removed approximately 3 months ago. I had no apparent symptoms until I woke up in extreme pain. Thinking I had extreme food poisoning.

I spent the whole night throwing up/ shaking/ sweating. Wait til the morning til I went to hospital emergency. I was pretty tempted to call a Ambulance during the night. But I was thinking I canít call an ambulance just for food poisoning.

Took a couple of days before I actually got surgery. I had stones ( they ultrasounded me) I also had a very high white cell count indicating an infection.

So I kinda didnít really get a choice. So I gave them permission to operate.

What they didnít tell me... the surgery was to be keyhole but that involves going in through near your bellybutton. They also pump you full gas with can cause shoulder/back pain.

My back was seriously unhappy for first couple of weeks. Sleeping on my back didnít help.

The surgical drain removal was also unpleasant.

I had 6 weeks off work. Iím a tradie. If you did an office job 2-3 weeks off work maybe ok. The surgeon gave me a certificate for 8 weeks. I had plenty of sick leave.

I did ride the motor bike around the paddock about week 3 and my core strength wasnít up to it.

I havenít had any diet problems. But I did bloated after eating America style BBQ pulled pork/ ribs and beef. Otherwise Iíve been cautious with fatty food. Just in case.

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