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Tsp head work

Got my head back from Dave a week or so after I sent it (had marked it do it when you can) and finally got a chance to go out and test today. My bike (Ec300 2018) was knocking a bit when really hot and heat soak had a chance to sink in.
Short story it is nothing short of amazing the difference getting the head set up.
I can ride one gear sometimes two higher than usual, the power feels 250 smooth with 300 grunt if that makes sense. I could even go slightly leaner on the pilot if I need to. (Down to a 38)
The motor is now so quiet I can hear the chain and sprockets and the discs whooshing between the pads!
Still waiting to hear from Dave on what the comp has been dropped to. It was apparently very high before.
Very highly recommended! 🤘
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