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Originally Posted by tone61 View Post
Pretty sure I mentioned I fitted the 185 main and #60 leak as per instructions and the pilot circuit was fine with the standard 45 pilot jet and currently back to 170 main. Yep Iíll try Thumper talk and hopefully get the info I need.
The main (MJ), pilot (PJ) and leak (LJ) are all fuel jets. Your symptoms sound like incorrect air jetting (MAJ/PAJ). The fuel jetting swings off the air jetting.

JD kits are designed for US spec low RON/high MON fuels. I'd suggest using a OBEPQ or a OBELQ genuine YZ-F needle. I prefer the P if running YZ-F cam timing. Get yourself a Boyesen or R&D adjustable LJ as well. After a while you'll work out why...

Best air fuel sets are PJ45, PAJ 90 or PJ42, PAJ85
and. MJ170, MAJ185

There's 13 adjustments on a FCR, get them all correct and it will blow a FI bikes doors off.
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