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Originally Posted by Roon View Post
With the Clake, vacuum bleeding only gets the fluid into the line and caliper/slave.

The real bleeding happens when the line gets pressurised and the bubbles are made to travel up and into the master cylinder and then escape into the fluid reservoir, this process takes time and lots of lever pumping and flicking and leaving the lever(s) tied into the bars overnight and then bleed some more.

Usually you need to force the fluid up the line by compressing the brake caliper or clutch slave and then pumping the lever to regain pressure, then repeating the process again several times. The tiniest air bubble anywhere in the system will stop the clutch and/or brake from functioning to its full potential.

I fitted around 10 Clake's and the bleeding can sometimes take several hours spread out over a two day period.

Good to know. Itís hard not to get frustrated with it and after hours of trying you think you have done all you possibly can when clearly I probably havnt.
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