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Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
Cam, make yourself a little jig from an old steel handlebar. Mine goes under the front axle bolt. Put the bike up on a box stand and the Clake on the jig. Also, drop the rear links out and snatch the rear wheel into full bump. Then vac or hand bleed the system. They bleed fine in one go.

p.s. I install the rear brake line between the chassis and gearbox and then follow the clutch line up as a pair. This looks super neat and helps the bleed process. I've only installed one trail rider Clake, all the others have been track bikes but I can't see any issues with under-routing for trail use...

Forgive my ignorance here (I ainít the sharpest tool in the shed) but do you mind elaborating on the floor jig technique? When you say you full bump the rear, you mean you are dropping the rear as low as possible to force the air up then snatching to bump any lasting bubbles or have I got this completely wrong? I appreciate any and all tips

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