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First push the pads back into the caliper pushing the Pistons right back in.Take the master cylinder off the bars and hang it off the ceiling with wire to get the brake line straight ( no curved loop at the top). Now tap the line with the handle of a screw driver from the caliper up towards the master cylinder ,do this a few times( it help the air move up) now put it back on the bars and try pushing the fluid back from the caliper back through ( can usually get a horse syringe from the local vet cheap) . If you can't get a syringe you can try putting the master back on the bars pull the lever in and zip tie it to the bars again give the line another tap up the open the cap check the fluid level ( hopefully the fluid is not old and or contaminated) put the cap on and leave it over night or a few hours at least and see if this works.
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