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Wandy Ride Sat 15th July G2-3

8 Riders: Echidna, Lee, Joel, Wilba, John, Peter, Glenn and me. Thanks to Glenn for sweeping duties.
We headed up Wandy Rd and did some of the usual single tracks between Wandy Rd and the power lines to the east. We then headed south along the fence line towards perch hole and into some more singles before having a short stop to regroup. Everyone feeling good at this stage so we head off to ride Poo Creek. All seems to be going well, everyone makes it over the creek and up the other side. Another quick regroup and I lead off to finish the trail and pop out onto Hawthorn Rd. Two cornermen later I can't hear anyone behind me so have to wait a few minutes.
Peter's Husky 310 spits the dummy at the last regroup and backfires when button started, damaging the starter motor housing. Turns out Glenn has a spare blanking plate and is able to remove starter and fix the problem as it's his old bike!
Was planning to ride down Brekky Creek 2 but go to 5 bridges and then to lunch at the Blue Dog as we've lost a bit of time.
After lunch there were a few departures leaving Echidna, Joel and mself to ride some easier tracks around Maddens Rd before descending Swingers and home. A great day out and thanks to everyone for turning up.
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