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Posted Rides - limited number rides - would they work ?

As discussed in a previous thread, it would appear that the lack of posted rides is mainly due to concern about numbers. Too many riders causes excessive dust and therefore increases risk and reduces the overall enjoyment.

This poll is aimed at ride organisers and ride attendees - some people are generally organisers others are generally attendees.
Personally, I am generally an 'attendee' - I'm not fast, and I dont have great track memory - so dont consider myself a natural lead rider.
(Note: a GPS will improve the memory aspect, but the speed issue may never improve greatly :-) )

My question is - If rides were posted with a limit on riders, would you post more rides AND honor the number limits on other posted rides ?

Interested to see the results to see if we can increase the number of rides that are posted by having an 'in principal' agreement regarding 'limited number' rides.

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