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Hey all..

Mark here from Vic's western suburbs..21 y.o and grown up riding, although im still no good at it!
Similar to Josh above with my work... except I work on live underground mains.

Started riding on a PW80 and went through a KX80, CR125, RM125. KX250, RM250 and now my beloved 2012 WR450
Had a break for 5 years to focus on studies and find a job.. then bought a jeep and spent alot modifying it to make myself shit bricks on near vertical climbs at the local quarry, haha!
Really enjoy getting out with the boys and having a blast banging bars on the fast open stuff!! Into all things outdoors, love my 4x4 trips to the VIc High country in my little zook etc..

Mainly ride wombat and still have NFI where Im going..have also ridden, wye river, paddys swamp, neerim, anglsea, egerton, lal lal..

I have seen a black panther near tylden resevior, then went looking for it in grass that was about 7ft high with a stick when i was 12..

yet to do a DBW ride, but keen as to start joining in on the fun.
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