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Cheers man it really sucks as my "spare" bike is out for valves so he won't have a bike to ride!!!!

Here is some more info from my mate about the bikes, the KTM was a 2001 not 2005.

KTM 300exc 2001 has since had all of the stickers removed, and the exhaust pipe has a large dint in it, also the rear tail section is held on by black cable ties, and the gear lever is brand new, with a new bolt.

The Husqvarna TE449 2013 is new in this picture. It has just had the head rebuilt (picked it up 3 weeks ago), has a cracked front carbon exhaust protector and the rear brake pedal is twisted around to the point that it is touching the peg. It also has a few more scratches on it then it does in these photos. Also the indicators have been replaced with removable aftermarket ones (click n ride) which attach to the bike using connectors that are the same as large microphone jack connections.

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