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Originally Posted by cluffie View Post
Not possible with the design. It is what it is and what the future is,so we'll have to endorse it do the required recommended maintainance. No big deal really.
They're still selling the carb model in parallel for 2018 aren't they ? I have a feeling that will continue to happen.... (might miss a model year and return in 2020, but I think people will vote with their $ and ktm will have to act if they want to save sales).

KTM have always won the paper shootout with all other brands by being the lightest. The tpi model gives that up to be on par with beta/gasser with more complexity and expense. Two of the major reasons people buy the 2T's in the first place?

On paper the gasser has kyb and that alone is winning them sales. Beta would have locked the market down if they'd made the weight saving and gone to jap forks last year.
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