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Originally Posted by loghopper200 View Post
Im from Collie originally and have some of the best riding areas in the country at my doorstep. You guys want FUN, you ought to head to the Mornington Mills area east of Harvey. Hills and creek crossings everywhere...Hilly pine plantation and single enduro track winding all over. It has been my riding area for years only 20minutes ride from my driveway thru the scrub. Take a GPS, I know the area and I still get lost occasionally. Dont go alone either, there are some nasty dropoffs out there and you wont be the first to have the SES out looking for you.

Did a fair bit of riding in the Welly Dam area over the years when I was growing up un Bunbury. It is still great. My mates tell me that the small amount of good riding in WA means that you gotta be real careful of people coming the other way.

Victoria on the otherhand is dirt bike heaven compared to WA. Creeks and river crossing everywhere and you can ride from melbourne to NSW on dirt the whole way dropping onto bitumen only to get fuel in towns. And awsome scenery.

If you get the chance come over for a look.

You will not see this in WA.


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