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Thanks RED1 that should help. Will give it a go tonight.

I find this below:

(The Factory Service Manual (FSM) isn't any help...but here's how you do it:

The first thing to do is to set the right cable. Rotate the RC valve clockwise until it stops. Adjust the right side cable until you have a measurement of 12mm from the top of the RC valve "butterfly" to the bottom of the cable adjuster (as seen in photo).

After that, rotate the RC valve counter clockwise until it stops. Now, tighten up the left side cable until it's tight, but not taunt. Generally, if there is enough play that you can gently push it to the left (with light/moderate pressure) and touch the cylinder casting, it's not tight enough. Once everything is set, you're done. I generally like to leave the cover off until I've had a chance to verify that it's working like it should.

The RC cables will wear out... If you find that it's taking the bike longer to get on the pipe or your having a slight bog when getting off the gas and then back into it (especially at lower-mid RPMs) then you might look at replacing the cables. At $20 for the pair it's a fairly cheap fix)
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