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Running Rich ?

Ok guys I need a bit of help . Ive bought a two stroke Husky wr250 2004 as a cheap "as is" sort of deal . ( it was very cheap ok )

Previous owner said its just started running like it wont rev out .

It starts first kick , sounds great and seems good until about 1/4 to half throttle and doesnt want to clean out . Feels rich - plug was black .

Head bolts were loose - tightened them up

Ive leaned up the carb settings as far as I really dare at this point . Put the needle on top slot and a leaner main and pilot but its still doing it and I think there must be something else at play here .
Might try an different carb I have spare .

Float height seems ok .

Ive checked the muffler packing - looks good

Checked reeds - look fine. ( boyesen )

Power valve is opening ok .

Not sure what to do next

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