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Originally Posted by ian9toes View Post
Thanks Nutty, but you missed a previous question. My apologies Ian.

If I perform that test with the paper clips, will an armature on the way out give a noticeable drop in the voltage before it actually fails and leaves me stranded? No, usually not.

Is it something you check very often?
No mate, on a need only basis. You get way more problems with pulser coils failing though, especially RFS Katos and CR500s.

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Bikes that need a decent lighting and charging system are generally 3 phase. Some dirtbikes are only single phase.
Other way round my friend, all WRs are single phase, all EXC Katos, all Shercos, All Betas, etc. TMs are optional single/two phase. Very few dirt bikes under 500cc run three phase alternators.
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