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Old 18-07-2009
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Riding areas - rubbish dumping

I regularly ride at an old sand quarry on crown land. I ride licensed + full rego on the “formed tracks”
What pisses me off is not so much noisy MX and pit bikes, but the rubbish their owners leave behind.

Today some young people in hot hatches tuned up with their pit bikes and immediately started dumping their fast food wrappers and empty drink bottles on the ground.

Seeing this I did not mince my words and got stuck into them, calling them deads***s and letting them no that their actions would see the place closed up. I think I went a bit over the top and went back ten minutes later in a more conciliatory mood.

Question – did I do the wrong thing and do others believe that rubbish dumping is amore serious crime than riding unregistered. I really am not bothered about what they were riding.
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Old 18-07-2009
fckfmxkooks fckfmxkooks is offline
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Good on you I say. I cant stand people who just dump all their litter any old place.
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Old 18-07-2009
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no don't see a problem with your actions at all johnb,there is very little respect for other peoples property these days.....
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Old 18-07-2009
OUTTY800 OUTTY800 is offline
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Good on ya I say These are the sort of twits that get places closed down And stuff it up for the majority.
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Old 18-07-2009
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Anything that puts bike riders in the bad view of john citizen needs to be addressed. I like people that don't mince their words.
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Old 19-07-2009
jizmo jizmo is offline
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i almost hit an old fridge some ++++ had dumped. that wouldve hurt
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Old 19-07-2009
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Littering annoys the crap outta me. Good on you dude!
"I know I was born. And I know that I'll die.

The in between is mine"

~Eddie Vedder
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Old 19-07-2009
gco0307 gco0307 is offline
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It is hard to say without actually being there but my initial thoughts would be that if you felt you were over the top that in all likelihood you probably were, but that does not necessarily make it wrong.

Certainly I would say that to make the point for them to clean up and take their rubbish was totally correct, but of course delivery is everything and can well be the difference between acceptance of the request and purely worsening the situation (not criticising either).

How was the second approach received?

That done, my personal view is that I have done similar and asked people to take their rubbish with them a few times in the usual places I ride. In those cases I have seen all pickup the rubbish while I was present but sadly when I have returned I have seen some of that same rubbish back in the bush, not all but some.

John, I say keep reminding these people that the risks posed will include the closing of the area and then what, they have to find other areas etc.

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Old 19-07-2009
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You did the right thing, alot of people dont realize till they r told so hopefully next time they pick up there rubbish. We have had ********s dump heaps of building materials down in the bush across the rd from us so we take the trailer down load it up and add it to our bonfire.
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Old 19-07-2009
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Mate your intentions were pure but your delivery was wrong.
Im not saint and have done the same thing but its far better to just talk to people than blow up at them. As if anyone comes at me yelling and screaming im immediately on the defensive and not open to hear what they were saying.
Good on you for going back when you were more in control.

I must admit alot of blokes whinge about rubbish and even point it out on rides, then leave it there. I think the best thing is to just pick it up and let other riders see you doing this.
It forms a memory in there mind and next time when your not there and they see rubbish they will want to do the right thing and pick it up. Some one else sees this and it happens again, next thing our riding areas are clean!!!

The best thing i got out of the military was to lead by example!

Just my 2 cents worth!!
Although i dont own a dirtbike, i'm still cool.....honest!!
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