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Old 13-03-2017
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Originally Posted by Pete40 View Post
Thought I'd start a thread for injuries. We can share our experiences and hopefully knowledge of how things got fixed.

So I have an Acute Triquetral Avulsion Fracture. Second most common bone to fracture after the scaphoid according to Google. As I was too busy to go to hospital, I decided I try to find out what's really required for this fracture by using Google and of course, the DBW brains trust (although I'm not so sure about some of you vaccine scientists).

Anybody had one? What did they do to fix it? Just a cast for 4-6 weeks or does this need wire fixing / surgery? I'm going back to the Dr tomorrow before I spend 4 hrs waiting at a hospital emergency for something that's not actually an emergency.
I think my left hand break was the Triquetral bone - small bone under little finger next to scaphoid . Mine was from quite a severe impact of me punching the ground when falling. All the fingers in my hand were quite numb for 6 to 12 months. I went to a specialist but didn't have surgery as bone is too small.
That was 7 years ago roughly but I have recently noticed poor circulation in the hand at night times - waking up with a dead hand .
(I am getting other health checks at present )
It doesn't hurt now - un-like my right wrist bone fracture which was around 5 years ago.
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Old 13-03-2017
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Dear Dr. DBW

Originally Posted by AvB View Post
Pete, really glad to hear that no major action is required! I just saw the same orthopod you saw a couple of weeks ago, about the shoulder I hurt riding with you on 3rd November last year! I was riding the X-Trainer over those big tractor tyres, thinking I was doing OK, stalled on the top and toppled to the right - thinking this is no biggie, I've already done this a few times as I fell towards the leaf litter and dirt. It wasn't a massive hard hit but somehow I landed on just the right angle square on my shoulder and felt it go crunch inside. It did the AC joint (grade 2 apparently, which isn't too bad and doesn't need surgery). But the bloody thing still hurts a lot.

AvB, it sounds like you might have grounds to sue the land owner for reckless placement of tractor tyres causing grievous bodily harm :-D

Hopefully your wrist heals up soon Pete.
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Old 16-03-2017
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About 4 years ago I took up dirt bikes after a lay off about 25 years. About 6 months into my come back I hit a rut on a straight fire trail and the front wheel washed out. I stuck my leg out to save myself and I think hyperextended my knee. I felt something pop and down I went. As soon as I stood my knee gave way and down I went again. I could only move by locking my knee straight. Got taken to hospital in the back of a ute. Diagnosed with a ruptured quadriceps tendon. This connects your quad to your knee. According to the surgeon this is the worst tendon to rupture. Surgery 2 days later and in a locked brace for 10 weeks. Took at least 12 months to be pretty normal again. Got rid of the bike.

About 2 years later bought another bike and until 4 months ago things were going fine. Riding on a single track and came across a tree across it. On going around it hit a big tree root on an angle. Stuck the leg out ( opposite to first time) and felt a crunch in it. Stopped and had trouble standing. Diagnosed with a ruptured ACL. Surgery and now 3 months into a 6 month rehab.

Bike and all my gear sold. At 57 can't keep snapping things. Sticking to my road bike now.
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Old 17-03-2017
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Aw man BertieG I feel for you mate! What a bummer. You're similar to me, coming back to riding after 25 years. I'm 56 now. After 2 years of getting injuries regularly (much more minor than yours, but painful anyway) I decided to quit late last year and sold my bike, but missed it too much and am back starting again. But I can tell I'm pretty nervous about it. I'll lose sleep at night thinking about going riding as I know that no matter how hard I try, there's always a chance of injury. I think that if we had the brains to start off real slow, work on fitness and work on trials skills in a small controlled area before hitting the trails and the slippery logs, perhaps we'd cope with it better. But it's easier said than done. The brain thinks we're like we were in our 20's but we definitely fall harder and break easier at this age. Sorry that you had such a bad run and sold all the gear mate.
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Old 17-03-2017
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AvB I read your post about retiring due to injury a while back and I was I feeling exactley the same. I loved the riding but knew I couldn't keep doing it. There's other things I love doing such as surfing and the injuries have brought a halt to them. I've got a couple of growing kids and me being incapacitated affected all the things I do with them as well.

Anyway I had some fun between injuries and there's lots of people who've copped more serious injuries than me. I'll get a new road bike soon and get my kicks on that. Good luck with your come back mate, you're taking the sensible approach to it and I reckon you'll be fine.
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Old 29-03-2017
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Dislocated right shoulder on the weekend. Not riding fast, having a chat to a mate and putting along. Front wheel wash out onto rocks. Arm out, thought it was fine for about 10 seconds, got back onto the bike. It wasnt fine. 30 minute trip out of the bush. 30 minute to the hospital to then be transferred to another hospital.

At least my health care finally paid for something. Not sure how soon I should start on the physio but have a GP referral.
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